Transition Coaching

Typical challenges:

  • How could I successfully plan a career change? What can I expect in a new work environment?
  • What to expect when returning from a career break? How to approach it?
  • How could I plan an expatriate experience abroad? What are the cultural & social implications?
  • Could I create my own business? Where could I be successful? What are the skills I need to learn & develop?
  • How can I break barriers and increase my self-confidence to approach change?

How Lobster can help you:

  • Discover new possibilities and approach change, outplacement and on-boarding with increased self-awareness.
  • Returning to work with the right expectations, new ambitions and high motivation.
  • Consider and plan an international working experience that will enrich you personally and professionally.
  • Evaluate the creation & development of a purposeful and successful business project.
  • Learn to ride persistent waves of change with self-confidence and optimism.

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Partnership Services

logo of happii valorisons l'humain

Based in France, Happii – Valoriser l’Humain, is a network of consultants who is passionate about the Human Being. Sharing the same value, I joined Happii as an Associate Partner in January 2020.

Through this partnership, Lobster Coaching is able to provide bespoke solutions that enhance the value of human resources in organisations – aka Talent Optimisation.

Supported by The Predictive Index, these talent optimisation services include: Team Design, Recruitment Strategy & Consulting, Business Design & Consulting, HR Consulting and Recruitment Support.

logo of The OCM

The OCM Group has shaped the evolution of the coaching profession over more than 20 years. It was a founding member of the EMCC and was the first firm to provide professionally and academically accredited coaching, mentoring and supervision qualifications.

The OCM is therefore one of the premier professional coaching and mentoring services provider, working in the UK, Europe and increasingly internationally, too. 

In 2019, I joined the OCM’s team as an Associate Coach-Mentor focusing particularly on Executive Coaching, Leadership Career Coaching, Transition Coaching & Change Management as well as Team Coaching.

Lobster's giving back

logo for association live, love & learn black and white

LIVE, LOVE & LEARN (aka Edget Baandnet Children Center) is a charity association based in Hamburg since 2007 and was founded by Gundi Brendes and her husband Jörn Bernhardt, who lived and worked in Ethiopia from 2005 to 2008.

This association works closely with its partner “Center of Concern”, an Ethiopian NGO in Awassa, providing the necessary management services for project implementation and being the link to government offices. Projects focus on: building and/or repairing school facilities, WASH (Water-Sanitation-Hygiene), providing books to Primary School students, allocating scholarships to young female students, and running a home for former street children (Children´s Transitional Home) with a focus on re-integration.

Jörn is constantly active with the association and monitoring all the projects that are financed through the association’s donations and the participation of the community. In fact, every donation is deployed 100% towards the onsite projects! This is possible thanks to the contributions of the association’s long-time members, who personally take care of the organisation’s administrative costs, making sure that donations can be totally dedicated to who really needs them: the children of Awassa.

Thanks to Philipp Bernhardt, I am now able to make my dream come true by connecting my passion for coaching with giving back, for real. Since March 2021, Lobster Talent Services has committed to donating 3% of its revenue generated through its Talent Coaching programs towards this association.

Hence, you too can now be part of this charity contribution, and of course, you may also decide to increase the donation with any additional contribution, to continue the mission of LIVE, LOVE & LEARN, EVOLVE, ACHIEVE.

Sign up for meaningful coaching here and you will receive regular updates on all the active LIVE, LOVE & LEARN projects via our newsletter, too!

Environmental Projects

logo of 1dechetparjour

1 Piece of Rubbish is a people’s initiative born in Leeds, UK and made in Marseille, France. The Idea is: we are all capable of picking up #1pieceofrubbish per day. For cleaner streets and cities and hopefully a cleaner future…

Today, a team of ten members are actively engaged to increase awareness about waste impact on our environment in schools, organisations and at public events, too. Their activities are currently followed by over 30 000 fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Fascinated by this team’s work and potential, I decided to volunteer with a systemic Team Coaching program, designed to help this team become more effective, increase their performances and achieve their ambitions for a cleaner world.


All programs are delivered by Alessandro De Giacomo, who attained his Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring with a Special Recognition Award at The OCM Group, Oxford and who holds a certification in Systemic Team Coaching through the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Both are recognised internationally by the main coaching and mentoring federations, the EMCC and the ICF respectively.

Alessandro has active memberships at the EMCC and the Association for Coaching, following their code of ethics and benefitting from their development programs and supervision offerings.

logo of the EMCC european mentoring & coaching council
logo of ICF international coach federation