The Lobster Podcast

Welcome to The Lobster Podcast – conversations out of our comfort zone!


Do you know how Lobsters grow? Did you know, it’s pretty similar to your own personal growth?

Lobsters change their carapace around 25 times, just in their first 7 years of age! Personally, I can think of only 7 major changes in the past 25 years of my own life, and those weren’t even life-threatening! 

Change is often a real challenge, but crucially a key process for our personal growth. And as with Lobsters, when this happens it can put us under pressure and out of our comfort zone.

The Lobster Podcast is here to put courage and enthusiasm into some uncomfortable conversations with friends, professional peers and experienced leaders. It’s an inspiring space that allows everyone to reflect with passionate curiosity, to be challenged in thinking and to embrace a mindset shift for truly disruptive learning.

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