Team Coaching

Possible team dilemmas:

  • Does the team have a clear understanding of their stakeholder’s expectations? What is their purpose and what needs to be delivered?
  • What are the team’s objectives? What systems & processes need to be in place? What are the KPIs to measure team’s successes?
  • What is the team's culture? Does the team manage differences constructively to resolve any conflict?
  • How effectively does the team communicate and engage with its stakeholders?
  • Does the team generate learning from its successes and failures on a regular basis?

Lobster’s systemic approach delivers the following benefits:

  • Realise & enhance your collective intelligence to achieve the team’s goals and bottom-line results.
  • Enabling the team to work through change and high levels of complexity through a Design Thinking approach.
  • Develop an actionable team strategy through systemic “outside-in” and “future-back” coaching interventions.
  • Create a coaching culture to become a learning, adaptable, purposeful, agile and high-performing team.
  • Benefit from a long-term coaching partnership that supports you and continuously raises your game in business.

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Partnership Services

Based in France, Happii – Valoriser l’Humain, is a network of consultants who is passionate about the Human Being. Sharing the same value, I joined Happii as an Associate Partner in January 2020.

Through this partnership, Lobster Coaching is able to provide bespoke solutions that enhance the value of human resources in organisations – aka Talent Optimisation.

Supported by The Predictive Index, these talent optimisation services include: Team Design, Recruitment Strategy & Consulting, Business Design & Consulting, HR Consulting and Recruitment Support.

The OCM Group has shaped the evolution of the coaching profession over more than 20 years. It was a founding member of the EMCC and was the first firm to provide professionally and academically accredited coaching, mentoring and supervision qualifications.

The OCM is therefore one of the premier professional coaching and mentoring services provider, working in the UK, Europe and increasingly internationally, too. 

In 2019, I joined the OCM’s team as an Associate Coach-Mentor focusing particularly on Executive Coaching, Leadership Career Coaching, Transition Coaching & Change Management as well as Team Coaching.

Volunteering Projects

1 Piece of Rubbish is a people’s initiative born in Leeds, UK and made in Marseille, France. The Idea is: we are all capable of picking up #1pieceofrubbish per day. For cleaner streets and cities and hopefully a cleaner future…

Today, a team of ten members are actively engaged to increase awareness about waste impact on our environment in schools, organisations and at public events, too. Their activities are currently followed by over 30 000 fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Fascinated by this team’s work and potential, I decided to volunteer with a systemic Team Coaching program, designed to help this team become more effective, increase their performances and achieve their ambitions for a cleaner world.


All programs are delivered by Alessandro De Giacomo, who attained his Diploma in Professional Coach-Mentoring with a Special Recognition Award at The OCM Group, Oxford and who holds a certification in Systemic Team Coaching through the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Both are recognised internationally by the main coaching and mentoring federations, the EMCC and the ICF respectively.

Alessandro has active memberships at the EMCC and the Association for Coaching, following their code of ethics and benefitting from their development programs and supervision offerings.