Breaking free of the shell...

The lifecycle of Lobsters has been a metaphoric inspiration that highlighted those key aspects of growth and change that I similarly and perpetually experience in life and professionally, too.

Just imagine a Lobster visually… Despite its appearance with its hard body and claws, a Lobster is a very soft and mushy animal that lives inside a quite rigid shell, called a carapace. This carapace doesn’t expand and therefore limits a Lobster’s growth! So how can a lobster grow?

When the carapace becomes too confining it puts the animal under pressure and in a very uncomfortable situation. At this point, feeling the discomfort, the Lobster goes under some rocks to protect itself from predatory fish. Here in safety, it breaks its shell, finds its way out and starts to create a new, larger and more comfortable one, which enables him to grow further.

Now, eventually this shell becomes restrictive again and the process will repeat itself – it turns out that Lobsters go through this life threatening but vital change process approximately 25 times just within the first 7 years of age!

Moral of the story? The stimulus for a Lobster to grow is due to its discomfort!

Change always puts us out of our comfort zone and under pressure, like Lobsters. We ask ourselves: How will I get out of this? What do I need to do differently? What can I do to feel better? How can I approach it?

Therefore we start feeling certain fears, we don’t sleep well, we experience lack of confidence and start doubting on our abilities.

Lobster’s coaching programs provide you that safe space to step back and reflect wide & deep, guiding you through that change to regain trust and confidence.

Thus, enabling you to discover your own resources and overcome challenges by taking decisions that lead you to measurable results and to a better personal wellbeing, too.

So let me suggest: “Get out of your shell!” and board on a motivating and transformational journey to Learn, Evolve and Achieve here at Lobster!

5 Core Values

Cultural Diversity & Inclusiveness

Based on its founder’s own diverse identity, Lobster particularly values Cultural Diversity & Inclusiveness whereby human differences are welcomed, recognised and valued as an essential ingredient for an enriching personal and professional experience.


Extending beyond the human focus, Lobster pays particular attention to the Environment. By coaching individuals and teams, at Lobster we intend to broaden perspectives and widen up our awareness of the environmental reality around us that we impact and that we ought to care more for a sustainable future.

Engagement & Integrity

Here Lobster’s attention is to “walk the talk” in all professional relationships by setting clear expectations with the client & organisation and by integrating and delivering the contracted agreement during coaching assignments.


Lobster also values reciprocal Honesty during coaching relationships with its clients, in the interest of an effective coaching collaboration and for the client’s best possible outcome.


Last but not least, Lobster believes in Collectivity in this world, focusing on shared objectives, collective leadership and by enhancing the “WeQ” factor within today’s teams and organisations.

Lobster Manifesto

Lobster allows today’s talents to experience a journey of transformation, in which they will have the time, space, and dedication for a broader Learning, that allows them to better express their potential whilst ensuring their well-being, too.

This awareness along with a Design Thinking approach will lead those high-potentials to Evolve by gaining confidence, trying out new strategies, and through their own changes create a new comfort zone that enables them to develop their talent further.

Through different programs available, our clients will be able to Achieve their ambitions, which will provide them with a more motivating, more confident, and more prosperous future outlook, allowing them to continue their growth in their new and shiny carapace.